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Restore SMP Pigment Set by Stevey G


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Created by world renowned artist, trainer, innovator and industry pioneer Stevey G, this pigment set is specially crafted to create the perfect brown result for any skin tone, undertone and hair color. Perfect for density work on male or females or to add extra texture and detail to any canvas. For shaved hair procedures, use Reclaim.

Restore has been formulated to perfect the art of SMP. Five years of color theory and pigmentology research was met with 3 additional years of research and development in the laboratory with the world’s finest pigment formulators, Perma Blend.

Important: The pigment selection guide (included) is crucial for correct, professional use of Restore. Furthermore, due to the way the pigment selection system works, you must have the full set on hand for every client as you cannot ascertain which pigment you will need until the client is on-site. For these reasons, Restore must be purchased as a full set. Individual bottles to replenish your set will be made available from October 2023.

Created to solve the biggest problems of the SMP industry – discolored results and poor longevity. Artists can finally evolve their art and explore new ways to create detail, depth and realism.

Each pigment is formulated to work beautifully with a different skin undertone. Use the included pigment selection guide for easy and precise pigment application.

Perfectly balanced ratio of color which works to offset the clients’ undertone, creating incredible results.
Usability is unmatched. Restore pigments grab the skin for easy implantation and grip the needle, which keeps any excess pigment from dripping or spraying.
Restore has no need for excessive dilution. This allows the artist to deliver incredible retention and the ability to create realism effects that last.
Highest quality ingredients
Fully EU REACH compliant