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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a specialized cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses micro needles to replicate tiny hair follicles on the scalp. This technique creates the illusion of a natural close buzz cut hairstyle, providing an instant hair loss solution. SMP is known to work with various types of hair loss, including alopecia, pattern baldness, receded hairlines, balding crowns, and thinning hair. 

SMP effectively conceals surgical scars from hair transplant surgeries and works with all skin types and colors. It is a popular choice for enhancing appearance and boosting self-esteem, making it a reliable option for both men and women. 

How Does It Work?

Typically, a scalp micropigmentation treatment consists of multiple sessions, usually ranging from 3 to 4 sessions. These sessions are spaced approximately 1  to 2 week apart from each other. During the treatment, micro needles are used to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, matching the surrounding hair density and skin tone. The number one goal with SMP is to create the illusion of natural hair follicles.                                    

What Can SMP

Help You With?


Male pattern baldness will effects 75% of men at some stage in their life. With (SMP) we can replicate the appearance of hair follicles creating a short shaven buzzed hair style or shaved head look.


(SMP) is the number one hair loss solution used to camouflaging low-density areas. The individual will achieve a more desirable aesthetically pleasing look by boosting the the illusion of hair density.


With the immune system attacking the hair follicles and causing the hair to fall out suddenly with no previous warning, SMP can treat this in 2 ways, either treat the patches or treat the area


Scarring generally happens on the scalp following injury or surgery (like a hair transplant) . With our high level of expertise and knowledge we can conceal scars using scalp micropigmentation.

Welcome to

Scalp Design


Scalp Design specializes in scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also known as hair tattooing. SMP effectively camouflages thinning hair, scars, alopecia, and baldness. Our procedure involves depositing vegan plant-based carbon pigments onto the scalp for a natural-looking result that resembles hair.


We Offer A Ultra Custom SMP Treatment Within A Clean Relaxed Environment.

We Have Been Certified By The Best Trainers From Around The World Multiple Times.

Evening And Weekend Appointments Available.

Your Privacy Is Always Respected. 

Quality SMP Treatments At Affordable Prices.

“We Don’t Just Do SMP, We Live It!”

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What Our

Clients Say

Mike Mandell
a month ago

I had long grappled with self-consciousness due to my thinning hair, resorting to the use of messy hair fibers in an attempt to create the appearance of thicker hair. Unfortunately, these efforts often resulted in a disarray that my girlfriend was never pleased with. I had experimented with various solutions, all of which seemed labor-intensive and ineffective. However, my perspective changed dramatically when I discovered Scalp micropigmentation. Scalp Designs offers this permanent treatment that not only made my hair appear significantly thicker but also relieved me of the constant worry and upkeep. I must commend John at Scalp Designs for his exceptional professionalism and commitment to achieving outstanding results. Thanks to their expertise, my self-confidence has experienced a remarkable resurgence, and I can now confidently step out without the need for a hat. I can not emphasize enough how Scalp Designs has truly transformed my life. This review is long overdue, and I am deeply grateful for the profound impact they've had.

Justin Ryder
3 months ago

Couldn't be happier with the results! John is a master at his craft. Price was more than fair. John seeks perfection, takes his time and you will see results immediately after each session. I've been raving about this to my fellow balding friends. Looking forward to touchups in the future!

Jon Woodward
3 months ago

I'm thrilled with the outstanding scalp micropigmentation work by Scalp Designs. John's attention to detail and artistic skill is truly impressive, resulting in a natural look that has not only boosted my confidence but even earned praise from my typically reserved teenage son. This speaks volumes about his exceptional work!

Richard Lanza
3 months ago

I am completely happy with the scalp micro-pigmentation done at Scalp Designs. I was fully bald for over 30 years and now I look like I have a buzz cut. John, the owner, is the best. From the first consultation to the last session, he was honest in his assessments, professional, and perfectionist with his work. His fees are very reasonable for the quality of work I received. I give John and his business the highest rating possible. Micro-pigmentation really works!!

Eric Higgins
6 months ago

John is a true artist and master of his craft, he's honest and up front about everything right from the beginning and will answer all of your questions without hesitation. If you're reading this don't wait any longer, just go see him and change your life forever! (TEN STARS!)

7 months ago

I am very happy with the outcome. John achieved the natural look I asked for during our initial consultation. I highly recommend you trust John's process and the plan he skillfully executes. John is a true artist.

Shahla Whitmore
8 months ago

My career was teaching and working as a technician in the permanent cosmetics field. My own hair began thinning and I spent about a year researching qualified SMP technicians to find the best person I could trust to work on my body. I learned that John has been doing this for nearly a decade. When I went for a consultation at his office, I found it well-organized, welcoming and John was very professional. After my treatment, I was very happy because it looked so natural and was very subtle. This made me feel more confident. My hair now looks fuller, I feel like I look younger and I’m very glad I got this done. John was very patient, he did a great job and was even less expensive than less qualified people. A big thanks to John – I highly recommend him. He is an expert and very reasonable.

Bill Donahue
8 months ago

First off, John is the ultimate professional. You may not see it at first, but he is serious about what he does, and he does it extremely well. ( More to come on that). He realizes that everyone is different as is their situation. He will take the time to examine your total scalp and will develop a plan. Honest as the day is long, he will tell you about what he can and cannot do, which is very little. When he completes the final session, he has a big smile totally examining his work which he takes tremendous pride in. If you’re even considering this, you need to talk to John. No BS, he’s just all about it. I’m a 65 year old white male with no tattoos. John explained everything about what he was going to do at the beginning of every session. The money spent is WELL worth it!

Vinnie DiRusso
9 months ago

A true master! Of his art! 5 minutes into my consultation I Knew John was the guy to perform my SMP. He truly loves his job and is passionate about his craft. My journey of looking into if SMP was right for me started over 10 years ago. I looked into a few other places was even considering going to New York. But like I said before shortly after my consultation with John began I knew he was the guy. Being un detectable and realistic was big for me. My SMP is so natural looking that 2 months in not one person has noticed I’ve had anything done. I actually had to tell my wife who just thought I was not shaving my head with a Razor anymore. In fact my SMP is so undetectable I recently looked into one of those magnifying glass mirrors and I couldn’t even detect between my actual hair follicles and he SMP. My only regret is not doing it sooner. If you are considering SMP do yourself a favor and book a consultation with John. I can almost guarantee you will walk out saying the same thing I did. “ Wow, This is my guy!”

James McCulloch
10 months ago

John is clearly knowledgeable about SMP and offers great advice. Would recommend highly. One of the original masters of the art. 10/10.

Working with John was a pleasure. He clearly explained the entire process. He had a clear vision of what I was looking for and advised on the boundaries that he knew what would be best for me. I'd recommend John to anyone thinking of taking this leap of faith with your head. I'm thrilled with the work he did on mine. I felt as if I had a new friend when I was leaving.

11 months ago

I had the best experience with Joe! I’m so so happy how my hair came out! He took his time he’s a very patient person very nice person. And he walks you through any questions, and answers all questions if you have doubt just talk with him. Believe me he does excellent work!!! Go see him I been happy all week! Since he fixed my balding spots great job Joe thank you again!! Marie L Taunton, ma

EvanDer Arthur
3 years ago

John deserves 10 stars for the quality of work he is doing at Scalp designs. From the consultation, 3 sessions scheduled, price and quality of work, this is by far the best experience I’ve received overall from a small business! John takes his time and really makes you comfortable throughout the process. He is so good at what he does, works with my different schedules, takes breaks for you to check and make adjustments. I have 1 more session left but I’m already excited with my results. Highly recommended!! Keep up the good work John! See you for my last session in a few weeks.

Timothy McGregor
2 years ago

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND John at Scalp design. After researching I went to John because of the genuine, personal and authentic reviews left on his website from past clients and also the before and after photos of his work . I am a little over half way done with my sessions and am ecstatic with the excellent work he has done. I understood that this would be a process and to achieve natural results would take multiple sessions. John explained that every head shape, skin color, skin tissue etc is unique and it takes true custom artistry to achieve natural results with so many variables at play. To recreate a hairline or cover scar tissue ARTISTY is everything to deliver natural. John has a birds eye view on the technique and process. John is a highly experienced tattoo artist that has mastered his craft. I could not be happier. John is able to customize everything from ink color and needle size and is able to blend and add or take away density to create an impeccably natural result. BOTTOM LINE: John delivers NATURAL RESULTS and it a joy to work with, super professional and gets the job done. I can’t wait till my process is complete because I love being able to wear my hair super short.

Flavio Correia
2 years ago

If you want your confidence back and a sharp hairline come visit John at scalp design. John is very professional. He’s an example of hard work done right. He pays attentions to detail. He makes sure your head is done right. John takes you to the whole process step by step making you feel secure and satisfied. You’ll be very pleased and excited of the work that’s done. Highly recommend John if you want the sharp hair line or a fuller look. He’ll get the work done right .Stop your searching and come to John at scalp designs.

John is an absolutely fantastic smp practitioner. He was pragmatic about what to expect and how the whole process would work. The sessions were virtually painless and I am really pleased with the outcome. John is the man to see in Massachusetts for high quality smp work.

Chris Edelman
a year ago

It’s been a long time since I had a full head of hair, and did I ever have some serious flow until I hit my 30’s!!! I’ve been giving myself a buz cut for 15 years, and I guess I’ve been wearing hats at all times for the last 10, regardless of dressing for the beach or a meeting. It just sort of evolved into that. Medications or transplant never made sense to me, and my head was thinning by the year. I was getting very self-conscious about it, and it made me look older than I am. I had been reading about SMP, and I was intrigued but not ready to act. I went to my first trade show since pre-COVID in March and for some reason…I abandoned my suit-with-a-flat-brim look for one happy hour. When I got home, a colleague emailed me some pictures of myself with clients and colleagues. I was shocked and embarrassed to see just how bald and shiny the crown of my head had gotten. Wow that snuck up on me… After some careful research…it was very clear that John Toti is “The Guy.” If you are thinking about SMP - run, don’t walk…to John Toti at Scalp Designs. Don’t try and control the process, and don’t rush him. If you are neurotic - save that for your therapist and not your SMP artist! If you have some patience - trust John and his process. Saddle up for the multiple sessions and weeks it takes to achieve the hairline and coverage you want, and you will love the way you look, high-five John and look as young as you feel! I haven’t worn a hat in two months! My SMP hairline and coverage is a work of 3D art to the point where not a single person in my life realizes what I’ve done! I’ve been hearing a lot of “hey, nice Summer buzz cut!” and I feel great. Caution: if you go to an imposter or otherwise inexperienced SMP artist; rush the process; or get a ridiculous discount…well, you will look ridiculous. Don’t do that, do it right and go see John. The guy is talented, and wait until you see your face under a brand new hairline. Do it.

Brian Ezell
2 years ago

John is the only SMP specialist in Massachusetts that I would recommend. He takes his work very seriously, does an incredible job, and made me look five years younger. Equally important his work has stood up to the elements and it's been 3 months already! Thank you John!

One of my best experiences. John Toti one of the best professional artist i have seen. He make me fill so comfortable and relax in itch session and make sure everything was perfect. My transition from hair peace to scalp pigmentation was the one of the my best decision that I make I wouldn’t done it with anybody else . John Toti is the best


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