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Penpoint Practice Cartridges

Developed by leading artist Carlos Montes, Penpoint is a stroke of genius and a game-changer for trainees, training schools and developing artists.

Penpoint practice cartridges feature a ballpoint pen tip instead of a needle, for the best and most cost-effective way to practice on latex. Simply insert into your regular machine and use just as you would with a regular needle.

No pigment and no mess, Penpoint is infinitely more realistic than practicing with a regular pen, and more convenient than practicing with needles and ink.


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With their precision tips and smooth ink flow, these cartridges allow for accuracy and consistency, making them essential for developing your skills and perfecting your craft. Whether you want to practice tatooing, eyebrows, permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation or simply want to create art in a fun and safe way, these cartridges are perfect for you.

Choose from two options:

  • Boxes of 20 black ink cartridges
  • Boxes of 20 assorted cartridges (5 black, 5 red, 5 green, 5 blue)

Whether you are a beginner looking to hone your skills or an experienced artist looking to experiment with new techniques, our ballpoint pen cartridges are the perfect choice. Start practicing with confidence today and take your tattoo and permanent makeup skills to the top.