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ICCON SMP Pigment & Mixer

The Original, Safe, Tried & Tested SMP Pigment As Used By Clinics Worldwide For Years With Great Results.


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The safe and reliable Scalp Micropigmentation pigment system as used by industry professionals worldwide for many years. ICCON SMP Pigment has a proven track record to offer world class results. With much less fading than many pigments on the market, results are crisp, long lasting, and treatments can be completed in less time.

> Simple mixing system with dropper bottles, No mess.
> Easy to follow Mixing chart for complete guidance to match any hair colour.
> Up to 30 treatment sessions from 1 bottle of pigment.
> Non colour changing, carbon based pigment.
> Mixing solution for perfect dilution.
> Used in thousands of treatments.
> Used by the best in the industry.
> Perfect results every time.
> Vegan friendly.

Full Set Includes:
> 15ml ICCON SMP Pigment
> 15ml ICCON SMP Pigment Mixing Solution


Download the Pigment Mixing Chart

Find out how to use our pigment here: