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ICCON SMP Pro Series Needles
The perfect size for density & dark skin treatments



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ICCON SMP Pro Series Needles have been designed with the artist in mind as well as being able to deliver crisp micro impressions. With a range of needle sizes available, artists can unlock their full creative potential.

> Premium quality, medical grade needles.
> Super tight needle configuration creating crisp impressions every time
> 200+ impressions per refill allowing the artist to complete treatments faster.
> Each needle has a rubber ledge for the artist’s comfort.
> No needle spreading/splaying allowing crisp impressions.
> Teal coloured transparent cartridge allowing the artist to see pigment levels.
> Internal needle stabilisation system for a strong, stable needle with no needle wobble during treatment.
> Flexible internal silicone membrane to stop back-flow of contaminated fluids.
> Super sharp tips, no blunting mid treatment.
> Slanted pencil shaped tip for precision.
> Sterile, single use cartridge needles.
> Universal fitting, will fit most machines.

Iccon SMP Pro Series needles are available in a range of sizes:

0403RLLT (0.15mm)
0603RLLT (0.20mm)
0803RLLT (0.25mm)
1003RLLT (0.30mm)

Designed by Leading Experts in the United Kingdom, the home of SMP.

Each box contains:
20 individually sealed membrane needle cartridges.