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ICCON SMP Needles Sample Pack

ICCON SMP Pro Series Needles Sample Pack.
(Pack of 4, One of each size)


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If you’ve been wanting to try our popular Iccon SMP needles here’s your chance with our limited time offer trial pack, add them to your order today.

ICCON SMP Pro Series Needles have been designed with the artist in mind as well as being able to deliver crisp micro impressions. With a range of needle sizes available, artists can unlock their full creative potential.

You’ll receive one of each size needle:

> 1 x 0403RLLT (0.15mm) The smallest 0403 needle available.
> 1 x 0603RLLT (0.20mm)
> 1 x 0803RLLT (0.25mm)
> 1 x 1003RLLT (0.30mm)

Iccon SMP Pro Series needles are available in a range of sizes:

Try them out for yourself and see why so many artists are switching to Iccon SMP Pro Series Needles