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5PM Shadow SMP Pigment

5PM Shadow Original, BLVK and Midnight Brown are formulated and used in-house by world-renowned scalp micropigmentation trainers John Chandler, Fernando Cortes and Ryan Kingsbury.

5PM pigments are trusted by SMP artists around the world.


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What is 5PM Shadow (Original)?

Formulated by Scalp Co, one of the most respected SMP training academies in the United States, 5PM Shadow is used daily by many leading technicians and has become the world’s most widely used SMP pigment.

Talented artists John Chandler, Fernando Cortes, Ryan Kingsbury, Omar Hernandez Suarez and Wilson Andres use 5PM Shadow Pigment to produce world-class results.

5PM Shadow is a tried and true pigment with thousands of real-world results. 5PM Shadow is a concentrate that can be mixed and diluted to create 2 to 60 shades depending on the client’s skin tone and specific needs, with no color change guaranteed.

What is 5PM Shadow (BLVK)?

Based on the same formula as 5PM Shadow (Original), 5PM Shadow BLVK (Black) is the darkest, blackest SMP ink available.

Perfect for darker-skinned clients, 5PM Shadow BLVK is used the same way as the original product but you are able to achieve darker dilutions for clients who require darker pigmentation.

What is 5PM Shadow (Midnight Brown)?

Scalp Co’s latest formulation, 5PM Shadow Midnight Brown is a dark brown pigment for artists who would prefer to use color, providing safe, reliable, lasting results an artist can be proud of. Ideal for clients with brown, blond or even ginger hair for ultra-realistic results.

  • 15ml bottle